How do the sleep notifications work? 🚨

Tiana Gordon
Tiana Gordon
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Sleep notifications work best when paired with a wearable device, as these devices track your heart rate throughout the night and can determine your sleep cycles and patterns. 💤

We use the time you spent asleep, your sleep efficiency (time asleep / time in bed) and your lowest heart rate during your sleep, to recommend 2 classes that we think will help you energise your day. This way you don’t have to look for suitable classes as we bring them right to you! 🎉

In order to get the most accurate recommendations we advise that you:

  1. Have a wearable device that tracks your sleep patterns and heart rate and sends this data to Apple Health. ⌚️
  2. Set up a sleep schedule on your iPhone. 🛌
  3. Ensure that MindLabs has been granted permission to read sleep and heart rate data from Apple Health. This can be done by following the steps below. 
    • Tap on the banner at the top of the home screen to allow MindLabs to read your sleep and heart rate data. 💤 🫀


    • If you can’t see this banner👆on your home screen, you can still enable MindLabs to read your data by going to Settings in the MindLabs app and then toggling on Apple Health.

If you have an Apple watch but haven’t enabled the sleep schedule on your phone, the MindLabs app won’t be able to determine the efficiency of your sleep. We will still however be able to assess the quality of your sleep and provide intelligent insights. 🤖

If you don't have a wearable device but have a sleep schedule set-up on your phone, we will still be able to give you insights based on time in bed estimations provided, including your sleep disturbances, however we won't be able to give you insights based on your heart rate and sleep efficiency. 🫀 📈

If you have don't have a wearable device and haven’t set up the sleep schedule on your phone we won’t be able to show you any sleep insights or recommended classes, so you will not receive sleep notifications from us. 😔

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